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Friday, July 24, 2009

Food for thought: Fill your cart with healthy things and lead a healthier life

From the cereal aisle to the deli to all aisles in between, the number of products available can be overwhelming. Dietitians from Backus recently helped decipher some healthy choices out of the dizzying array of items found on supermarket shelves.

View a video from their supermarket tours here.

What are your supermarket questions, ideas and tips?


Anonymous said...

Is organic produce worth the extra money?

Anonymous said...

I am currently nursing my son, and have been told to avoid dairy, soy, wheat, eggs, shellfish, acidic food, berries, nuts, legumes and spicy foods due to allergies. (Blood in his diaper). I have introduced wheat, berries, nuts and beans back in, and he seems ok. Without dairy, eggs, etc, how can I be sure I'm getting enough calcium, protein, and other vital nutrients?

Wendy Kane said...

Whew, that's alot to cut out of your diet. I'm impressed you managed it, even temporarily. Do you or your husband have a history of food allergies?

I too had a similar experience with my second daughter and when she was a month old was told to eliminate dairy. Luckily that was what did the trick. What I learned through the process was that the milk protein I was ingesting was passing into my milk and my daughter's immature gi tract couldn't handle it. So for the next year I was dairy free, but very concerned with my calcium intake. I recommend you take a calcium supplement with D and K in it. Viactiv chews or Adora calcium chocolates are both very good. Also, if you're not already doing it, continue taking your pre-natal vitamins. Pizza without cheese can be very good by the way.

Now, you've reintroduced a few items without side effect. I recommend you continue to do this, saving dairy for last. Reintroduce one item at a time, wait 3-4 days before trying the next item on the list. If your son can handle soy in your diet than you've opened the door to soy milk, soy based ice cream, soy cheese etc. This is a great protein alternative and if you used the calcium fortified variety that will be great. Rice milk is another alternative, again look for calcium fortified if possible.

Even if you keep some of these items out of your diet you can still enjoy animal protein (minus egg). Be sure to incorporate lean meats (chicken, turkey, fish, lean beef and pork) Aim for 7-8 ounces/day. Most fruits and vegetables should be fine. You've added back in wheat, so you can continue to choose from whole grains, cereals and high fiber pasta etc. Dreamfields pasta and I beleive Barrilla Plus offer a higher protein product vs. regular pasta.

A few things I learned
Soy Delicious Ice cream was really good
Cheeseless pizza really helps you determine what restaurants make the best sauce
Read ingredient lists carefully. Milk hides in alot of things. (casein, milk protein, whey are terms for dairy)
Check out its a food allergy website full of great info.

Let me know how it all works out.
Good luck,

gipsey0777 said...

I am always confused about breakfast cereals. I remember hearing a suggestion to be concerned mainly with fiber and sugar content, but I cant remember what guideline to use... I have two young children who have never had typical kids cereals, and Id like to keep it that way! Also, can this same guideline be used for breakfast/snack bars for my husband when he leaves early, skipping breakfast?